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Sale of Raised Grown-up Guard dogs
German shepherd, Belgian shepherd Malinois, Young Adults

Protect-Dog - Specialist of the guard dog

  • Guard dog

    Berger Allemand - Chien de garde

    These races were specially developed or selected for their instinct natural to keep and to defend their territory as well as the people whom they estimate as being under their guarding.

    The first tasks of the domestic dog is to keep the property of his masters that it is about the properties as lands, of the cattle or the house of his owner

    The German shepherd and the Belgian shepherd LOF of good lineage are a part, when they are raised well, the best guard dogs.

    At the moment, the burglaries of properties, businesses (hotel, Bar, tobacco, jewelry, …) are very frequent, and are the new target since banks are "inaccessible".

    The guard dog is a tool of the safety chain more effective than any modern alarm; he allies dissuasion and efficiency with an unequalled tenderness.

    For a villa, a house, a warehouse, a company, we shall prefer him an outdoor life with a dependence or an adapted kennel, its sociability excludes its mistrust towards the foreigners.

  • Protection Dog

    Dog of protection

    A dog of protection is the one which protects the property and the family (sometimes called family guard dog or dog of protection).

    The protection dog is a guard dog with there more the training in the defense of master. He allies a very good sociability, with an excellent obedience and a complete program of defense.

    It’s the dog of archetypal family, he must be used to the life of house (inside, outside) been used to the children, it will be an ideal protector.

    It is a dog with which one will need that well established defined rules but which with a subtle mixture of affection and respect will make it the ideal companion and the great bodyguard !

    Dogs having received a highly specialized training are easily available on the purchase.
    A formation of half-day with our instructors will be enough for an ideal handling.

  • Security dog

    Dog of security - Dog Handler - German Shepherd

    It’s the dog of professionals of the security - police, dog unit (police dog service) dog handler, etc…- for beginner in entry of training or experimented staff ; He’s adapted in the conditions of work and to the compulsory formation of this job.

    Sociable but possessing a sturdy character, he will have to feel at ease in all the circles and stable psychologically, he will possess a program of obedience complete, a quality caustic with air muzzled typing and a civil deconditioning

    Adapted to the work varied by his agents its price varies according to the level and to its quality according to the demands.

    From 18 months - legal age in the security -, he requires a training and a handling at the time of the purchase, but will adapt itself with his new owner if the feeling goes well...

  • Police dog

    Dog of police

    Their program varies according to the differences legislation of every country ; Their quality level is often connected to the ambient social climate and to the means wich grant the various states.

    The French trickiness (ou know-how utilisé aussi, mais trop « rigolo ») in this domain recognized all over the world,Protect-dog train the polices of the whole world and develops with them training programs for the dogs of intervention, the dogs of patrol but also on the dogs of search in human, narcotics ou explosives

    Police dogs have to feel at ease in any circles, possess a very dry muzzled typing and of course a caustic one staunch civilian (sway in the crowd, dangerous individuals, questionings, etc… )

    It’s an ally of size used in all the international polices for its indisputable dissuasive qualities; the livestock army and police consists in 90% of German shepherds and Belgium shepherds.

Adult or Puppy

Why to choose a adult or young dog at Protect-dog rather than a puppy ?

First one : professional Protect-dog knows perfectly the lineages and the currents of bloods - it's difficult to choose among all the breeders the quality subjects - our experts allow to differentiate and to select the best with no problem at physiological or psychological subjects.

Then a quality of adapted and custom-made training respecting your needs and your selection criteria ask a lot of time and to know how to make.

The apprenticeship and the cleanliness, socialization of the puppy, the choice of the lineages and the individual, the training -when we arrive there! - require a great deal of time before arriving at the ideal dog which we would have wished !
A puppy on 30 about satisfied the Protect-Dog program.

Our instructors guarantee you the training and the selection of the dog and insure you a complete formation for an ideal handling of a dog corresponding to your waits.

The change does very well when the advice of adaptation is respected well by the future owner, and in every case we shall be available, if need, after the sale for all your questions.