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Sale of Raised Grown-up Guard dogs
German shepherd, Belgian shepherd Malinois, Young Adults

Protect-Dog - Specialist of the guard dog

Our Belgian Shepherds

It’s the dog of archetypal work

Bubbled and determined the Belgian shepherd is the dog the most used in competitions and in security.

The Belgian shepherd distances itself both in the canine sport, and in the police, the army or the professional training (security, search) with a matchless energy.

Dog hyperactive and determined in all the disciplines, he finds it origin in Belgium and more exactly of the region of Malines.

We select our dogs in the prestigious lineages of working dogs (famous breeders) where a drastic selection of young dogs of more than 6 months is made.
Protect-dog does not take into account papers of dogs, but rather intrinsic qualities and nature of these.

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